Match .308 Build


This .308 rifle was built to be super accurate, soft shooting, and capable of long range precision shooting.

  • Rainier Arms Ultramatch Billet Receivers (hand lapped)
  • Ballistic Advantage .308 barrel
    • 20″
    • Rifle length gas system
    • Under 1MOA, Guaranteed
  • Syrac Ordnance Adjustable Gas Block
    • Tuned for 147gr and up bullet weights
    • Critical to making a soft recoiling rifle and the ability to spot your long range shots
  • Fortis Manufacturing SWITCH rail
    • Allows tool-less removal of rail for gas block adjustment or cleaning
  • Aero Precision BCG
  • BCM Gunfight Mod 4 Charging Handle
    • Easier to charge a scoped rifle
  • Luth-AR Stock
    • Provides tool-less adjustment of LOP and Comb Height
    • Easy to align shooter’s eye with scope
  • Rise Armament 3.5lb Single Stage Trigger



Fortis Manufacturing seemed to like the rifle, as well.


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